¿Cómo trabaja UnLtd Indonesia?

19 mayo, 2017
UnLimited Spain

Como probablemente ya sabrás, UnLimited Spain forma parte de una red global, UnLtd, presente en 10 países. Esto nos permite, además de trabajar en red y compartir conocimiento, aprender un poco más sobre el emprendimiento de impacto social en diferentes países y culturas.

Creemos que conocer la situación y evolución del emprendimiento social alrededor del mundo es muy interesante para entender el movimiento a nivel global. Por eso, hoy compartimos una entrevista a UnLtd Indonesia

¿Cómo trabaja UnLtd Indonesia?

UnLtd Indonesia fue fundada por Romy Cahyadi en 2014, tras haber fundado ProVisi Education, una consultora de educación en 2002. A día de hoy, UnLtd Indonesia ha apoyado 28 proyectos de emprendimiento social. Os dejamos con la entrevista a Romy:

What is the mission of UnLtd Indonesia?

An ecosystem where everyone can start social enterprises easily.

What are the common features in the social entrepreneurs that applicate to your programs?

Most of them are between 25-35 year old. Many are working in agriculture, environment and shared economy sectors. They are passionate, resilient, resourceful, and always eager to learn.

Could you briefly explain one project you have supported in the last year?

One of the social enterprises we supported was Duanyam (duanyam.com). They want to address maternal & newborn health issues by helping women earn extra income so that they have cash to access health facilities and provide better nutrition for babies during pregnancies. Duanyam helps women produce and sell well designed wicker weaving products. Duanyam has been working with 12 villages and improved the women’s income significantly. Please check duanyam.com

What are the main problems a social entrepreneur has to face?

They often times need to find suitable business models which will solve environmental or social issues they want to address. This takes time. Meanwhile they need to struggle with limited capital and lack of business experience and knowledge.

How do you see the future of social impact?

In the future all business will have social impact as part of sustainability strategy. Only business with social impact will last.


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